Danial Ebrat

Danial Ebrat

About Me

I’m a Ph.D. student of computer science with over seven years of industrial experience in information technology and over four years of experience in Artificial intelligence, Data science, and machine learning. I have led multiple AI projects associated with time series and large-scale data and participated in multidisciplinary national projects. I’m passionate about new technologies and challenges, which cause growth and learning opportunities, especially in interdisciplinary projects, leading to the collaboration and teamwork of diverse experts from different backgrounds. 

Besides my work, my studies generally lie in the intersection of Music (Also NLP for poems and lyrics) and Computer Science and its collaboration with various fields related to mental health (especially kids). I create Deep learning models for Music, Audio, and Speech processing mostly to connect none musicians to Music with a better perspective. I found out that Music and poetry have a significant impact on kids, and I like to expand my research to study the psychological aspects of Music and poetry on kids using Artificial intelligence. Therefore, I'm interested in connecting Deep learning and AI with Psychology, Neuroscience, and Medical (images) in general or specifically related to Music.


Personal Life

I think it’s obvious that I’m crazy about music! I like to sing and play guitar, especially with my daughter (mostly Iranian traditional singing). Moreover, I have the honor of being in the choir of the Mehrzad Khajeamiri concert Group. I write poems and lyrics, some of which are available here, and you can watch my singing videos on my YouTube channel. Furthermore, I enjoy designing logos and websites, which can be found here. Finally, Games, audiobooks, and podcasts are inseparable parts of my life! 






Ph.D. Computer Science

University of Windsor


M.Sc. Computer Science _ Data Mining

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

Thesis Title: "Persian modal music (Dastgah) Detection using Deep Neural Networks "


In this research, several deep neural networks are implemented to recognize Persian modal music in  seven high correlated categories. The best model which achieved 92 percent overall accuracy is using an architecture inspired by Autoencoder including BiLSTM and BiGRU layers. This model is trained by using Nava dataset which has 1786 records and up to 50 hours of worth of music played solo by Kamanche, Tar, Setar, Ney, and Santoor(Dulcimer). Features that have been studied through this research, contain MFCC, Chroma feature and Mel spectrogram. The results indicate that MFCC carries more valuable information about Persian modal music than other features. Moreover, The architecture which is inspired by autoencoders is powerful in distinguishing high correlated data like Persian modal music. It also shows that because of the precise order in Iranian Dastgah Music, Bidirectional Recurrent networks are more efficient than any other network that has been implemented in this research. (Github  link)


B.Sc. Computer Science

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic)

Trainings & Workshops


Fifth IPM Advanced School on Computing: Artificial Intelligence

Held virtually in Tehran(Iran) _ 5 to 8 September

PyTorch for Audio, The sound of AI (online course)

Audio Signal Processing for Machine Learning, The sound of AI (online course)

Deep Learning (for Audio) with Python, The sound of AI (online course)


Applied Artificial Intelligence workshop - Robotech Academy, Tehran, Iran

Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists, Goldsmith University of London (online course)

Extracting Information From Music Signals, University of Victoria (online course)

Deep Learning (Audio) Application: From Design to Deployment, The sound of AI (online course)


Python Programming with Machine Learning approach Workshop, Robotech Academy


Web UI design Workshop, Amirkabir University of Technology

Basic C# Programming Workshop, University of Tehran

Work Experience

August 2023 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer

Musora Media Inc.

• Application of AI and Recommender systems for music education

February 2023- September 2023

Artificial intelligence Teacher

Canada Super spelling be Inc.

Teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and machine learning using hands-on Python projects.
Teaching programming and algorithms for coding contests such as the United States of America Computing Olympiad (USACO) and Canadian Computing Competition (CCC).

September 2022- Present

Research Assistant

University of Windsor

Research on the application of multi-agent deep reinforcement learning in recommender systems using Ray, RLLib, and Google RecSim.
Research on bioinformatics topics related to single-cell RNA sequences, cancer detection, and healthcare applications.

June 2021- August 2022

Artificial intelligence specialist


Work Duties :
Research & Development
Collaborating with multiple teams to deploy large-scale AI applications
Utilize cutting-edge solutions for multidisciplinary AI projects
Data engineering, Data analysis, Data Mining and Data visualization
Creating, developing, and deploying AI Models in a large-scale using various databases and Big data technologies like Apache Spark
Writing proposals, and presenting AI-related projects to clients

Jun 2018- Jun 2021

Data Scientist / IT Manager

Anahita Parvaz Int. Travel Agency

Work Duties :
Technology advisor / Technology Planning
Data Mining and Data analysis using information from various sources
Optimizing procedures in different sections and decision-making
Using extracted knowledge from real data for marketing purposes
Web Manager / Web Master

Jun 2015 - Jun 2018

IT Technician

Anahita Parvaz Int. Travel Agency

Work Duties :
Troubleshooting software, hardware, and network problems
Supply management for required software, hardware, and devices


Iranian modal music detection using deep neural networks
Link to the article


AI / Machine Learning / Big Data



Tensorflow / Pytorch


Apache Spark

Web Skills





Google Analytics

Graphic & Marketing

Adobe illustrator

Adobe photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Instagram SEO

Content Management


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