Danial Ebrat

When your eyes …

وقتی در اسمانم

When your eyes

چشمان تو درخشید

Shined in my sky

رفت از خجالت انگار

It seemed the light of sun

نور از نگاه خورشید

Got out, because of the embarrassment

از لحظه ای که چال

From the Moment that those sweet holes

قندی به گونه افتاد

appeared on your cheeks

هم چاله پر شد از قند

holes were filled (Cause of embarrassment)

هم قند به چاله افتاد

and Sweets fell into holes

هوش از نگاه ابر رفت

Awareness was vanished from the eyes of the cloud

از اشتیاق دیدار

Because of the Eager to meet

حتی به یادش هم نیست

It seemed it can’t remember at all

باران ببارد انگار